VN.Net 2003 can make data connection, can't make server connection


I am using Visual Studio .net 2003
I have 2 machines, one WinXP with VS.Net and the other, Win2K Pro with SQL Server 2000
In VS.Net I can make a data connection to the SQL Server using the computer name of the SQL Server machine, however I can't make a Server connection to the same machine.
Both machines are in a private network (192.168.1.x IPs) inside a firewall, with no firewall settings on either machine.
Also, I have installed NetBeui on the XP machine.
When I try to connect via the ip addressesm get an error saying that the IP address is outside the local network and so no a valid address.
Any ideas?
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I am running into a different problem.

My can connect to local SQL server, but it has stopped connecting to remote SQL Server. It used to connect OK in the past.
Any ideas anyone
12/10/2004 3:26:43 PM
has your network changed at all?

is your remote connection dependant on a vpn or something that could be failing?
passwords changed on remote server?
1/25/2005 10:48:28 PM
The only way I have ever been able to access a remote SQL Server within VS Server Explorer, with "remote" meaning not localhost nor on the local wire (i.e., a SQL Server over the internet) is to make an entry in the "hosts" file (c\:windows\system32\drivers\etc) that maps the remote IP to the NetBios/Computer Name. Then, if there are no firewall issues (port 1433 or 445), and if the Administrator credentials are the same (otherwise, have to click connect with different username/password), you can access internet nodes within Server Explorer.
2/1/2005 3:55:25 PM

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