Installing VS2003 after VS2005 was installed ?!?!

I have been trying to get up to spead on VS2005 on my notebook, so with a clean install of Windows XP all patched up, I installed VS2005, the WAP "Add on" and converted a couple of Projects. All Success and learning curve aside, I have now found the need to have VS2003 runing on the notebook as well, I hestitently took the leap and installed VS2003. It installed fine and when I created a new Project and built, it all looked good, but then I relized that it looks as if the build settings from VS2005 are taking over ?!?!


I expected to see my folder and build show up in my Inetpub directory, but instead it ended up in my "C:/Publish" directory, which is where I toook VS2005 to build to.


So I cleared out the directory, the Pointers and the "WS cache" files and decided I would just take the 2003 folder structure and place it like I think 2003 should and VS2003 doesn't see it.


It's like 2003 has taken all of 2005's settings?!?!


Can anyone help me on this, before I start the painful task of uninstalling 2003 and 2005 and hoping that then reinstalling 2003 THEN 2005 works.



Brent Thomas


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Really?! - No one has had to work on a 1.x application after having only VS2005 installed??

 -Brent Thomas


1/12/2007 5:03:24 PM


I've installed VS.NET 2003 after VS 2005, everything works ok. I'm wondering where is your problem. VS.NET 2003 and VS 2005 can run side-by-side.


Zhao Ji Ma
Microsoft Online Community Support

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1/18/2007 12:15:44 PM
I installed VS 2003 first and then VS 2005, since VS 2005 is backward compatable, it should not completely take over the settings of VS 2003 but some features may become common in both the versions. But you should still be able to run both of them seperately without uninstalling or reinstalling anything.
Sarah Cameron Benjamin
1/23/2007 6:52:23 PM

Sorry for the long delay in posts Conversion Projects and Vacation has kept me "busy". :)

I have since wiped VS2003 from the Notebook and Reinstalled VS2005 so I can't give exact details, but from what I can remember my builds in VS2003 where ending up in my C:/Publish folder (where my VS2005 Publishing was setup for) and I can't remember exactly, but from what I can remember some other items where ending up in VS2005 spots from VS2003.

Not exactly related, but have recently installed VS2005 w/Team Systems on my VS2003 and so far no conflicts yet, but IE7 is now a little "flippy". :)


Thanks !!

-Brent Thomas



4/17/2007 6:10:51 PM

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