IN VS.Net how can i get a web form to scroll (design mode)

In design mode in VS.Net, there is a scroll bar next to the web form, but it is grayed out.  I can not figure out how to enable it.  I want to design a web form that is larger in size than the surface area shown in teh deisgn window.  Can someone help out with this?

Thank you.
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VS design surface shows how the page is going to be rendered in the browser. Therefore, there is no 'virtual' large size. In the browser scroll bar appears if the browser window is smaller than the page content. You can make scroll bar to appear by enclosing page content in a large container element, such as <div style="width:2000px; height:2000px"></div>. Don't forget to remove this element before deploying the page since otherwise scrollbars will be visible all the time in the browser.



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8/8/2005 4:17:53 PM
Hi, thanks for the response.  So far I am not able to use it to solve my problem.  Here is a clarification of my problem, the reason i ask this question.  I want to create a web form with about 50-60 labels, and next to each, a TextBox, all in one long stack.  This is entirely a design time question in VS.  Once i've put ~12 pairs of label/text box on the form in VS, i can't put any more below those, as the form won't scroll in VS.  I tried adding the <div> as you suggested in the HTML view of the form in a few places.  I tried adding it within the <body> tags, within the <form> tags, and enclosing the entire <form>.  In all cases, indeed you are right, that in VS, the form now has a scroll bar and i can scroll down.  BUT [importantly], i cannot drop any more controls in that <div> area.  The entire area within the <div> gives me the "circle with line thru it" icon if i try to drop another control there such as a TextBox.  So, I cannot solve the problem of making a long form with many text boxes.

Does anybody have a further suggestion?

Thank you.
8/9/2005 7:09:59 PM
Are you using flow or grid layout? You might want to add, say, 10 controls, then select all 10, copy and paste. Or you may have to hit ENTER after the last added control in order to create more space. I usually drop new control after the last one, place caret between controls and hit enter.


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