How to create database and run it in Web Project Setup (VS.NET 2003)

I already create a Web Setup Project by VS.NET 2003. And I have some script files (*.sql) for creating database in SQL Server. How can I use it. I want the Web Setup Project creates for me a new database using script files (*.sql). It's like the Rainbow Portal Setup ( or the instalation of ASP.NET forums. 

Can everyone help me ?
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I'm confused.  Do you mean you want to create a database using scripts everytime you create a new project in Visual Studio?  If that's it, look at this article on altering Enterprise Templates.  Even if you don't use Enterprise Templates, it explains enough to help on other templates, IMO.  So you can create a new template for your web project, and possibly initiate your sql scripts (I haven't done that so not positive).  That's where I'd start to look.
Eric Landes

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8/6/2004 4:04:09 PM
No, I mean that:

- First I've created and completed my Web Applition Project (My Project included database - SQL Server). I called my Web Application Project A
- After that I want to package project A. I created new Setup Project by choose: File / New Project / Setup and Deployment Project. I called this B
- I imported all files that relate to each other in project A except my database because I want to use project B to create database using SQL scripts (*.sql) and I don't know how to do that ?
8/7/2004 2:40:05 AM
Do you have any solution to your research because i've the same problem ... i've to execute some script *.sql in the setup project and i've no idea.... if you resolve it. contact me
10/7/2004 10:02:29 PM
If you're creating an msi file, why not create a cmd file that executes osql commands that run the scripts in the right order to the correct db and server?  We move our database between development, testing and production servers this way.  So your msi would at the end run a command (chgdb.cmd) file similar to this:

set DBNAME=%2
osql -E -S%SERVERNAME% -d%DBNAME% -i%DRIVEUNC%create_table.sql
osql -E -S%SERVERNAME% -d%DBNAME% -i%DRIVEUNC%stored_proc1.sql

Your MSI may have to get the servername and dbname. We use DRIVEUNC to specify the directory the sql can be found in, which you may already know. If you are not familiar with what this is doing I can go into more detail, but all your db commands can be accomplished this way. This script assumes that the logged on user has dbo rights to the database this is writing to. HTH
Eric Landes

MADNUG President
Crystal Alliance Editor
Microsoft MVP
10/8/2004 1:20:28 PM

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