Crystal report with picture problem

Hi all,

We are users of Visual Studio .net Enterprise Developer Ver. 2002

Problem that we have is that when we generate a Crystal report with picture (memorised at Access base), the preview and thru printing we receive poor quality picture, like it is in very low resolution.

If we put exactly same picture in MS Word or any other software it looks fine, both in preview and printing.

We would like to, if possible, put these pictures at some folder and not inside the base and that the name of these pictures is memorised at one of the fields of the base and shown in RPT correctly, with the same quality as it is in other programs.

Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
With best regards

Dejan & Zeljko

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I have same results using Windows Forms App design via Visual Studio 2008 and the built in Crystal Reports viewer.  The JPG images are "low" resolution looking when viewed on screen and when printed even when exported to PDF.

I have installed a free Crystal Reports stand-alone viewer.  I f I open the report via my VS 2008 application using the built in CR Viewer, looks terrible, but I then export it to .rpt (Crystal Reports Format).  Then I open that .rpt file with the free CR viewer and it looks and prints perfect, good looking, high resolution.  I can even export it to PDF from this free CR viewer and the PDF has good images as well.

 Any help is highly appreciated.


Thanks, TGR

4/16/2009 1:29:41 AM