Copying VS.NET web project to Win 2003 and opening it in VS.NET

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Environment: ASP.NET 1.1; VS.NET Enterprise 2003; Windows Server 2003; IIS 6.0
I hope somebody can help me figure this out. I created a Web project on my XP Dev machine which I can open, run, debug and do everything else. I can "deploy" the project to my 2003 server and open the site in explorer browser. But now, I want to transfer the whole solution to my Win 2003 and continue the development and testing on it. So, I transferred the whole VS solution directory from my XP machine to the Win 2003 machine. I created a Web site (not a virtual directory under default website) on my IIS, designated the home directory as the physical dictory where my VS.NET solution and the web project is located. I also have VS.NET installed on the server machine. Can somebody please tell me how I can open my VS solution and the web project in VS.NET, edit and run it under debugger? I have tried everything I know but VS.NET refuses to open the web project asking me to choose a different file share.
I suspect that the problem could be that VS.NET tries to open a web project from http://localhost. But since my copied project is not on 'localhost' but under a "Website" that is not a "Default Website". I don't know how to fix this problem. Any advice anybody?
11/7/2004 6:59:24 PM
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The solution file will still have a reference to the old http://localhost web project so it will not find it in its new location. If your solution only contains the single web project, you should be able to open it using the Open Project from Web command and specifying the new URL of the web project. Alternatively, you can modify the solution file (in notepad) and change the URL to the web project to its new location. Make sure you back up your old solution file just in case.

Bill Hiebert

Visual Studio Web Tools
11/15/2004 11:18:14 PM
Thanks billhie.  I will try that.

11/16/2004 3:10:05 PM