Cannot create ActiveX Object (Excel) in visual 2003

Hi. I was able to develop a program that calls on a PDF writer ('s docuPrinter SDK at to open and convert a Microsoft Excel file in WebMatrix. However, I'm supposed to make it to Visual 2003. I was able to move all the VB codes into the pages' code-behind, but except for this thing:

Private Sub createpdf(ByVal fname As String)
Dim farr() As String
= fname.Split(".")
Dim docToConvert As String
= fname
Dim DPSDK As Object
= CreateObject("docuPrinter.SDK")
DPSDK.DocumentOutputFormat = "PDF"
DPSDK.DocumentOutputName = Path.GetFileName(farr(0))
DPSDK.DocumentOutputFolder = Server.MapPath("/Temp") & "\"
DPSDK.HideSaveAsWindow =
DPSDK.DefaultAction = 1
Dim MSExcel : MSExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
MSExcel.DisplayAlerts =
Dim XLDoc As Object = MSExcel.Workbooks.Open(docToConvert, 0, True
XLDoc.PrintOut(, , ,
, "docuPrinter")
XLDoc.Saved =
XLDoc =
MSExcel =
Dim RVal As Integer = DPSDK.Create
' Create output document
If (RVal <> 0)
Label1.Text = "Error while converting the document!!!"
Label1.Text = "Document Converted...."
End Sub

Error message says that "Cannot create ActiveX Object".

I found a tip somewhere that I should add security to my Excel application by going through DCOMCONFG and adding access to ASP.NET

After I did so, the error message disappeared.... but the program hangs!

I traced the events in task manager, and I saw that when I run my WebMatrix code (works ok), it opens EXCEL.EXE as my user account, while in Visual, it opens EXCEL.EXE as user ASPNET. Is there perhaps a shortcut way to have my system read my Visual application as my user account opening Excel too, so it could work (and if it does work, is there cause for concern when I upload my application in the server?)?
If not, can anyone help me why the code hangs in Visual

Also, I notice that EXCEL.EXE stays in my task manager even after calling my ReleaseComObject method:

Private Sub ReleaseComObject(ByRef Reference As Object)
Dim count As
Do Until
System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.ReleaseComObject(Reference) <= 0
count += 1
Reference =

Did I miss anything?

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