Can I buy VB .NET 2003 instead of VS .NET 2003?

Hi if I code my web applications using just Visual Basic can I buy Visual Basic .NET 2003 instead of having to buy the whole Visual Studio .NET 2003?  Will that work the same?  Thanks
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    When I got VB.NET 2003, it included VS.NET 2003 (Standard Edition).  I don't think there is a version of VB.NET 2003 that doesn't include VS.NET as the IDE.  While there are some projects templates that are not include in the standard edition, you still have the ASP.NET web application, web service, win forms, etc..., projects available.  If you are asking if you have to use the VS.NET IDE that comes along with VB.NET - I guess not, but why wouldn't you?
    You can, of course, get the official details from the Microsoft website.  I know that there are pages that describe the features available in the various product versions.  BRN..
5/1/2005 2:56:33 AM
Thanks Brian.  I was basically asking if I could save a few hundred dollars by buying Visual Basic .NET 2003 instead of buying Visual Studio .NET 2003.  I think Visual Basic .NET 2003 is like $110, whereas Visual Studio is up over $600.  I love the Visual Studio IDE so if that's what Visual Basic .NET 2003 uses, that would be awesome.  So I guess from your response it sounds like Visual Basic .NET will work just the same then?
5/1/2005 6:35:50 AM


   Yes, having VB.NET 2003 Standard gets you VS.NET too.  I'd try searching these forums for news about downloading VS.NET 2003.  It sounds like MS might be having some kind of free version available.  Perhaps it's because the 2005 versions are getting closer to roll out.  BTW, you can DL betas for these - take a look at forums about the 2005 and ASP.NET 2.0 stuff.  As I haven't checked, I couldn't say what might be included in any free DL versions.  There are several CDs with prerequistes, MSDN libraries, etc..., that are part of the VB.NET 2003 Standard package, so you'd need a a good highspeed connection if it was all there to DL.  You should also go out to MS just to see that you have the OS and hardware requirements for any given versions.  I wouldn't worry about the CPU speed, even if it's on the low side.  I have mine setup on an old 500 mhz PII box with 256 MB RAM.  It works better on a newer system, but it will work on most anything still out there.  I think the 2005 requirements are a lot higher.

   BTW, when you are ready to install the VB/VS.NET package (and they refer to it both ways - so it can get confusing), remember that the order you install things can be important - like getting IIS up and running before the .NET framework items.  Also, give some thought to where on your system you want to install the pieces.  If you are going to install MSDE (the desktop edition of MS SQL Server 2000 that you'll want for experimenting with database access with ASP.NET), if you have two physical hardrives, it's best to install the main data files, .MDF files and the log files, .LDF, on seperate drives.  If you don't see that option when you do the install, don't worry, it's just a perfomance issue - they will work on a single drive system.

The important thing is to get something going so you can start playing with the IDE.  Good luck.  BRN..

5/1/2005 5:28:02 PM
Thanks for the info Brian.  I appreciate it.  I think the free version that you're referring to is the 2005 Visual Studio Express versions.  But that only uses the .NET 2.0 framework, so that won't help me (since this is a commercial application that I'm working on).  Thanks though, I'll check it out.
5/1/2005 5:34:48 PM

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