VS2003: Unable to build project output group 'Content files from WebAppName (Release .Net)'

Hi All,

Hope someone here can assist and advise me on this problem. I understand that I am a bit outdated as still using VS2003 for development but I got no choice on that.

I encountered this error Unable to build project output group 'Content files from WebAppName (Release .Net)' when building my WebSetup project. It is weird becuase I was successfully built my WebSetup project just a minute ago.

I realize that usually this error is caused by certain file is missing in the physical directory but it's exist in the project list but I did seriously checked all files contain in my project are exist in the physical directory, there is no yellow yeild icon in my project file listing. Can someone here assist me on this. Your advise is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

9/4/2008 2:16:31 AM
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