VS 2008 and SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services "Business Intelligence Projects"

I installed Visual Studio 2008 Pro. Then I installed SQL Server 2005 Dev Edtion also on my XP machine.

When I open up VS 08, I don't see the ability to create "Business Intelligence Projects" like I could do in VS 05.

What's the best solution? - install VS 05 also now side-by-side, to use the Reporting Services report design tools? Can't VS 08 use the SQL 05 reporting tools?

3/17/2008 6:20:29 PM
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You need VS2005 to use SQL 2005 BI, SSIS etc.

(I expect SQL 2008 will use VS 2008.) 

3/18/2008 10:34:38 AM


Thanks for the info.

3/18/2008 5:24:17 PM

what about those of us who use oracle as our data source?  you'd think the ability to create BI projects/reports would be independent of which dbms a shop uses, i.e., based within visual studio rather than sql server?

11/25/2008 3:20:52 PM

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