Shifting to Visual Studio 2008, should i uninstall Visual studio 2005

I have a Web application which has been developed in Visual studio 2005 (.NEt 2.0) . Now i am shifting to Visual Studio 2008. I am not aware what all errors will i get in Visual studio 2008 (.NET 3.5). However i read that Visual Studio 2008 has an option of Choosing the .NET Framework (2.0,3.0,3.5).
Does that imply that any web application which is currenlty having no errors in Visual studio 2005(.NET framework 2.0)Β will build successfully in Visual studio 2008 if i choose the .NET Freamework as 2.0 or are there any other dependies.
10/15/2008 5:18:14 AM
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for my former project we upgraded to vs2008 but still targeted the .NET 2.0 framework. You can even let them be installed (2005 & 2008) side by side but if you should run out of disk space you can uninstall vs2005 and go on with vs2008.
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10/15/2008 5:39:31 AM

Β Whilst I have upgraded all my projects to VS2008, only today as I still have VS2005 installed, I was able to give assistance to someone still using VS2005.

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10/15/2008 9:26:25 PM