Debug/Start without debugging works - Debug/Start with debugging program doesn't even launch

If I select 'Debug/Start Without Debugging', my program launches and runs just as it should.

If I select Debug/Start With Debugging, the system flutters like it should, (running) appears in the title bar, and immediately returns to VS as if it's done running, and (running) now disappears from the title bar. the splash screen never appears, etc. it just shuts down.

F10 from the IDE to launch in debug does the same thing (immediate start/stop).

F11 from the IDE to launch in debug does the same thing (immediate start/stop).

Solution Explorer/Project/Debug/Step Into New Instance does the same thing (immediate start/stop).

I've put break points on main(), my primary object's constructors, etc. and none ever get called. It just starts and immediately shuts down, seemingly cleanly.

I can run the EXE via Windows Explorer as well.

Have you seen this before? I've been searching for this, but haven't seen it within. 

thanks in advance.

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