Web deployment projects and web.config file section replacement - does it work?


I am trying to get to grips with the Web Deloyment projects and it keeps on failing to compile - falling over when it comes to the web.config file section replacement.

Has anyone got this bit working?  I keep on getting the error:

Error    1    web.config(1): error WDP00002: missing section appSetting.

I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the format of the appSetting file I am using.

I have added 'appSetting=/config/staging/appsettings.config;' to the deployment project and then have the appsettings.config file formatted like this:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <add key="test" value="staging"/>

Does that look right?

Any pointers would be appreciated.




1/27/2006 3:03:17 PM
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Hi Julian,

Can you try removing the leading "/" in the appSettings reference and see if that works:




1/30/2006 12:29:53 AM
Thanks Scott, I'll give that a try, although have managed to get the connectionstrings section replaced by putting in the full path to the file and will try it also for the appSettings.

On a seperate note, what is the best way of getting web projects to compile in Release form - I gather with .Net 2.0 we have to edit the web.config file to achieve this (a really bad backward step IMHO) - is there some way to override this using MSBuild/the Web Deployment Project?




1/30/2006 9:06:34 AM

Julian,  Unfortunately Web Deployment Projects don't expose a way to debug or release w/o the config change.  I've flagged the issue for investigation before the next refresh.  btw:  You can do this with Web Application Projects.  http://webproject.scottgu.com/

Thanks, Brad.

1/31/2006 3:17:23 PM
Hi Brad,

Thanks for the response.

I always tend to operate a single solution holding the website, web control and DAL projects ad am still doing so in VS2k5, which is what the Web Application Projects seems to be all about.

Does it provide anything more/less?

Is it possible to convert existing VS2k5 solutions?




2/1/2006 12:04:01 AM

Hi Julian,

We are releasing a new refresh of the Web Application Project download next week that has a number of new features.  One of them is the ability to take pages built with the VS Web Site Project (which is the existing VS 2k5 solution) and convert them to use the new project model.  This should make it relatively straight-forward to convert an existing solution to use it (I'll be publishing a tutorial that shows the exact steps to-do it)

Hope this helps,


2/1/2006 2:41:54 AM
Hi Scott,

Thanks for the response.

Will you be including details of the benefits of the Web Application Projects, because apart from the ability to do release builds I cant see any over what I am doing now which is run a single solution containing two web projects, three projects for the DAL, one project for business logic and then another one for common controls.

Also, as new, but now regular reader of your blog it would be great to see a search facility on the site - you have so much great stuff on there it will make it a lot easier to find related articles, etc.

Keep up the great work.




2/1/2006 3:06:20 AM

Hi Julian,

I'll try and blog next week (once the latest update is out) more about the Web Application Projects and the pros/cons of them.  If you are familiar with the VS 2003 web project model (and like that) then I think you'd probably like the Web Application Project approach -- since it will feel very familiar.

Hope this helps,


P.S. I'm planning on putting together an index at somepoint for my site -- there really is too much content there right now. :-)

2/1/2006 4:57:32 AM

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