Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Source Safe 2005 Problem

Hello all,

I`m stuck with a problem with my Visual Studio 2005 (VS2005) and Visual Source Safe 2005 (VSS2005).

Last time I installed my Operational System, I installed both VS2005 and VSS2005. So, i created my project in VSS2005 and when I hit the Open Web Site link in VS 2005, it would show File System, Local IIS, FTP Site, Remote Site and VSS Project. So, I would click in VSS Project and I would be able to open my VSS Project nicely.

The problem is that my Windows XP got an error that made me reinstall it. As i had a backup of the project, i reinstalled it without much problem. So, i installed again both VS2005 and VSS2005.

Now is the problem: I have the same installation as before, but VS2005 won't show me the VSS2005 Project button so I can open a VSS2005 project anymore!

I thought it happen because of the order of installation. So, I uninstalled VS2005 and reinstalled it again, so it would recognize VSS2005 was present in the machine and the VSS2005 Project Button would appear again.

But it doesn't.

So, does anyone here knows how to reintegrate VSS2005 in VS2005 in order to have access to VSS2005 project again?

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