Smart Tags won't open and some Intellisense won't fully work after installing LINQ CTP

I have installed the latest LINQ CTP.
Some of the Intellisense stopped working. For example, writing:
List<int> l=new 
with a space in the end, generally gives me a list of items, and List is selected by default so I can press tab and get it written. 
After Installing LINQ it seems to be gone... Means no Intellisense is given. Only when hitting Ctrl+Space the list is shown but the default option is not selected.
Another thing, when a smart tag is appears I'm unable to open it, hovering the small line expands the icon, but clicking the icon does nothing. Tried to hit Shift+Alt+F10 as I often do, but no response given...
Β Any ideas?
9/2/2006 9:36:15 PM
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