In Visual Studio 2005 whats difference between "new Project" and "new website".

In Visual Studio 2005 whats difference between "new Project" and "new website".  Is new project for non web realted stuff.


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Hi Parms,

New Project enables you to add projects to your solution for non-web related projects -- for example: windows applications, class libraries, etc.  New Website adds a project specific to web UI developmnet.

Hope this helps,

12/1/2005 3:50:19 PM
Hi Scott --

On a related subject: I've got a VS 2003 solution with three web apps. The third web app is really just a library of classes that are shared between the other two web apps.

app_1: a real web app (references app_3)
app_2: a real web app (references app_3)
app_3: a bunch of classes used by apps 1 and 2

I had to do it this way because VB.NET 2003 Standard can't create class libraries. But now I have VS2005, and I want to make app_3 into a proper class library. Assuming this is the right thing to do, how do I get access to HttpContext.Current in a class library? I tried simply creating a new class library in the solution and moving all my .vb files into it, but the compiler barfed on the many references to HttpContext.
12/1/2005 9:37:14 PM

You can probably get access to the HTTPContext object by adding a Reference to the system.web assembly in your class library project.

Omar Khan
Visual Web Developer Team
12/2/2005 2:47:08 AM

I have a question that relates to the answer that you gave to Parms.  I want to create a Class Library for all my data access.  Am I correct that I need to do the following:

New Project --> Visual C# --> Windows --> Class Library?

I am asking because I don't see why the Class Library template is under the 'Windows' project types?



2/27/2006 2:19:55 PM