how to encrypt web.config during web application deployment

I am developing a web application using ASP.NET, VS 2008, Framework 3.5
I want to encrypt my web.config at the end of application installation (Installer.Commit event).
How do I do this ?

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5/1/2009 9:06:30 PM

If you want to encrypt your web.config you can have a look at this link

Faraz Shah Khan
5/1/2009 9:07:53 PM
OK guys I found the solution.
I call Process.Start with parameters as under.
Process.Start("C:\\WINDOWS\\Microsoft.NET\\Framework\\v2.0.50727\\aspnet_regiis.exe",  "-pe \"connectionStrings\" -app /PARC -prov \"DataProtectionConfigurationProvider\"");
Thanks for the help
5/4/2009 6:53:52 PM

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