How to Dist Between 'Web Forms' and 'HTML' Controls in VS 2005 IDE

I am using ASP.NET 2.  In books and articles, authors refer to and distinguish between 'Web' controls and 'HTML' controls.
In the actual Vis Studio IDE toolbox for web forms,  I have one list of controls called 'Standard' containing controls like 'Button' etc. There is also a list labelled 'HTML'  with things like 'INPUT (button)' . There are a few other lists, but none labelled 'Web'.
 Where are the 'Web' controls found and what are they called in the IDE?  Same for the 'HTML' controls.   I see references in books to 'HTML' controls called 'TextBox', but I do not see where they are in the IDE.  My list of controls labelled 'HTML' has nothing called 'TextBox.
 Many thanks
Mike Thomas\
3/1/2007 10:44:20 PM
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Web controls are the ones found in the Standard Section

Html contols are the old fashion, input controls (type="text" type="button", etc) and are found in the Html section
Not sure on the TextBox issue. TextBox is a web control and you will find it in the standard section. Input (Text) is the HtmlControl equivalent and will be found in the Html section.
3/2/2007 5:55:28 AM