Create MSI installer that Installs as Web Site in IIS

 Hi all,

 I have used Visual Studio to create an MSI package of my web site, in order to deploy it on my application 

server. This package installs my site as a Default Web Site in IIS.  Is there any way to create a package

that installs my site as a new Web site in IIS (i.e. not under Default Web Site)?

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Web Setup project installs the website into default virtual directory such as "C:\Inetpub\wwwroot".

If we want to install the website to another location, we can create Custom Action to create virtual directory that is specified by "TARGETDIR" of Web Setup project.

In order to provide user with dialog where user can input target directory, we can use Orca.exe.

For more information, see and Creating a Virtual Directory programmatically (

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