LastIndexOf("/"c) -- what is "c" ?

I'm trying to convert some VB to C#, and ive run into a small problem due to my lack of experience with VB.....

below is the VB code:
Dim s As String = entry.Name.ToLower
Dim i As Integer = s.LastIndexOf("/"c)
on the 2nd line, at the end, it has the "/"c ...... what is the "c" there for?
the "literal conversion" to C# of the above is this:
string s = entry.Name.ToLower();
int i = s.LastIndexOf("/"c);
but that "c" at the end causing compiling errors...... so.... im a little confused?

any help would be appriciated.
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One way to do this:

Dim ForwardSlash As Char = CType("/", Char)
Dim s As String = entry.Name.ToLower
Dim i As Integer = s.LastindexOf(ForwardSlash)
6/15/2004 7:17:30 PM

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