Help with connection!! Please help!!

Hi friends, 

I need to connect my VB.NET application to my website through FTP (using an upload form in my application). I need to do this because I need to upload some images and also update the database on the web with my application's database. Can someone please help me with something on this?

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no one can help me? :(
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11/6/2003 2:21:22 PM
You can use a "File Field" component on your webform (on the HTML tab of Toolbox in Visual Studio).

This allows the user to select and post a file back to your page.
Then in your page, use the Request.Files collection to access posted files.
This uses Http to post a file, if you want to use FTP, then you need an FTP server, not an ASP.NET application.
11/6/2003 4:51:34 PM
Thanks Rox..

I solved it using INet Control. Which in turn uses the FTP server for remote access. It worked fine. Thanks a lot for your help again.
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11/12/2003 9:24:50 AM

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