Trouble with SQL datasource control, "Cannot get web application service"


I am working with the time tracker starter kit and learning allot.  When I drag a SQL datasource control on to a web form and select the "Configure Data Source" smart tag.  I get an error.  The error reads "...while getting connection string information from configuration "Cannot get web application service."".  I tried pasting a connection string into the HTML but I still get the message.  When I drag a table on and the SQL Data source is created autoimatically it works, but when you try to look at the copnfig wizard the error occurs.  Could this be a permissions issue?

Also, why are there three connection strings and two web.config files?

Any help would be appreciated.


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It sounds like your suffering from the same bug that everyone else has in the this thread.

 The solution is to shut down VSD and then repoen your project.


Hope that helps


4/5/2007 7:09:46 PM
Chetan Sarode
Software Engineer,
Approva Systems Pvt Ltd,
Pune, India.
4/26/2007 3:42:00 AM
or try to install VS SP1, hope it will solve your problem...
Chetan Sarode
Software Engineer,
Approva Systems Pvt Ltd,
Pune, India.
4/26/2007 3:43:03 AM
Really it works thank you
3/4/2009 6:21:52 AM

Glad to know it helps you

Chetan Sarode
Software Engineer,
Approva Systems Pvt Ltd,
Pune, India.
3/5/2009 3:22:45 AM

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