Web custom control does not maintain values of child controls

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A few days now, I am struggling with a custom web control I am creating, which consists of 3 drop down lists (country/city/hotel).

Procedure is simple: On country change, I have to fill the cities with autopostback, and on city change I have to fill hotels again with auto postback. I tried many many methods and I am confused... The best I managed to make is keep the state of countries, and render it with the selected country, selected while filling cities with apporpriate data, however I cannot manage to do the same with the cities/hotels since sities does not keep selected value.

I relised that this is happening because after rebounding the data to countries, it fires the SelectedItemChange event, thus not firing the same event for cities, in order to fill hotels.

I know that it is practical to bound data only if not is PostBack, however, this control will be used in a page (among others), that PostBack is always true Confused

 Here is a dummy code:


1    Public Class CountryCityHotel
2    	Inherits WebControl
3    	Implements IPostBackEventHandler, INamingContainer
5    	Private buttonsCell As TableCell
6    	Private dataTable As Table = New Table()
7    	Private m_dataSet As STData
9    	Protected WithEvents countryDDL As DropDownList
10   	Protected WithEvents cityDDL As DropDownList
11   	Protected WithEvents hotelDDL As DropDownList
13   	Protected Overrides Sub CreateChildControls()
14   		CreateControls()
15   		CreateTables()
16   	End Sub
18   	Private Sub AddControls()
19   		With Me
20   			With .countryDDL
21   				If (Me.countryDDL Is Nothing) Then
22   					Me.countryDDL = New DropDownList
23   					.Enabled = True
24   					.ID = "CountryID"
25   					.AutoPostBack = True
26   					.CssClass = "fldData"
27   					.EnableViewState = True
28   					.Width = 230
29   					.ToolTip = "Please select the country you want to find hotels for."
30   					buttonsCell.Controls.Add(countryDDL)
31   				End If
32   			End With
34   			With .cityDDL
35   				If (Me.cityDDL Is Nothing) Then
36   					Me.cityDDL = New DropDownList
37   					.Enabled = True
38   					.ID = "CityID"
39   					.AutoPostBack = True
40   					.CssClass = "fldData"
41   					.EnableViewState = True
42   					.Width = 230
43   					.ToolTip = "Please select the city you want to find hotels for."
44   					buttonsCell.Controls.Add(cityDDL)
45   				End If
46   			End With
48   			With .hotelDDL
49   				If (Me.hotelDDL Is Nothing) Then
50   					Me.hotelDDL = New DropDownList
51   					.Enabled = True
52   					.ID = "HotelID"
53   					.AutoPostBack = False
54   					.CssClass = "fldData"
55   					.EnableViewState = True
56   					.Width = 230
57   					.ToolTip = "If you want a specific hotel, please select it from the list."
58   					buttonsCell.Controls.Add(hotelDDL)
59   				End If
60   			End With
61   		End With
62   	End Sub
64   	Protected Overrides Sub Render(ByVal output As HtmlTextWriter)
65   		AddControls()
66   		MyBase.Render(output)
67   	End Sub
69   	Private Sub CreateControls()
70   		Me.countryDDL = New DropDownList
71   		With Me.countryDDL
72   			.Enabled = True
73   			.ID = "CountryID"
74   			.AutoPostBack = True
75   			.CssClass = "fldData"
76   			.EnableViewState = True
77   			.Width = 230
78   			.ToolTip = "Please select the country you want to find hotels for."
79   		End With
81   		Me.cityDDL = New DropDownList
82   		With Me.cityDDL
83   			.Enabled = False
84   			.ID = "CityID"
85   			.AutoPostBack = True
86   			.CssClass = "fldData"
87   			.EnableViewState = True
88   			.Width = 230
89   			.ToolTip = "Please select the city you want to find hotels for."
90   		End With
92   		Me.hotelDDL = New DropDownList
93   		With Me.hotelDDL
94   			.Enabled = False
95   			.ID = "HotelID"
96   			.AutoPostBack = False
97   			.CssClass = "fldData"
98   			.EnableViewState = True
99   			.Width = 230
100  			.ToolTip = "If you want a specific hotel, please select it from the list."
101  		End With
102  	End Sub
104  	Private Sub CreateTables()
105  		Dim tbl2 As Table = New Table()
106  		With tbl2
107  			.Width = 550
108  			.BorderWidth = 0
109  			.CellSpacing = 0
110  			.CellPadding = 1
111  			.HorizontalAlign = HorizontalAlign.Center
112  		End With
113  		Dim row2 As TableRow = New TableRow()
114  		buttonsCell = New TableCell()
115  		With buttonsCell
116  			.ID = "cellHolder"
117  			.HorizontalAlign = HorizontalAlign.Center
118  			.CssClass = "Data"
119  			.Controls.Add(New LiteralControl("<br/>"))
120  			.Controls.Add(countryDDL)
121  			.Controls.Add(New LiteralControl("<br/>"))
122  			.Controls.Add(cityDDL)
123  			.Controls.Add(New LiteralControl("<br/>"))
124  			.Controls.Add(hotelDDL)
125  			.Controls.Add(New LiteralControl("<br/>"))
126  		End With
128  		getListsData("country")
129  		getListsData("origin")
131  		row2.Controls.Add(buttonsCell)
132  		tbl2.Controls.Add(row2)
133  		.Controls.Add(tbl2)
134  	End Sub
136  	Private Sub getListsData
137  		'bounds the data
138  	End Sub
140  	Private Sub countryDDL_Changed(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs) Handles countryDDL.SelectedIndexChanged
141  		getListsData("city")
142  		cityDDL.Enabled = True
143  	End Sub
145  	Private Sub cityDDL_Changed(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs) Handles cityDDL.SelectedIndexChanged
146  		getListsData("hotel")
147  		hotelDDL.Enabled = True
148  	End Sub
149  End Class
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2/6/2008 2:20:31 PM
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After hours of debugging and testing and trying, I came with the conclusion that the City DDL, does not maintain its value. On every event of the page (init, load, etc) either it is empty, or its value is 0...

 What am I doing wrong? Confused

"I know one thing, I know nothing" - Socrates 469bC - 399bC
2/7/2008 10:36:56 AM

The logic that happens in AddControls method happens at render stage which is too late for state to be kept and such (viewstate is saved after PreRender, postback data loaded till Load stage of the Page). Try moving that logic earlier, or combining into the one beinf run when CreateChildControls is called - so that your controls would be there when page lifecycle deals with state (postback data or viewstate)


Teemu Keiski
Finland, EU
2/9/2008 11:49:42 AM

 joteke thanks for the answer. However, I think I tried that with no effort... On the other hand, since the control does not have selectedValue at any stage of the page creation, what difference would it make...? Huh?

"I know one thing, I know nothing" - Socrates 469bC - 399bC
2/11/2008 9:08:33 AM

I'm not sure that's true. After CreateChildControls is called (say in the page prerender), you should have access to the selected value of a drop down. Just make sure where ever you try to get that value you first call EnsureChildControls() and that the control has viewstate enabled.

2/14/2008 6:43:20 PM

I tried with EnableViewState true, however it did not make any difference. Do I have to call EnsureChildControls() ? There are 4 identical controls in this page. 1 & 4 maintain their values, without any actions. Why 2 & 3 don't? 

"I know one thing, I know nothing" - Socrates 469bC - 399bC
2/15/2008 8:54:58 AM

EnableViewState is true by default and it impacts on ViewState persistence - when it happens . EnsureChildCOntrols would be called in order to ensure controls are created (this is by adding the logic to create controls to CreateChildControls, EnsureChildControls checksd a flag to see if CreateChildControls is called and if not, calls it, and sets the flag)

Point is that if AddControls is called at Render, according to the code you posted, so controls get added to Controls collection at that time. And that is too late basically for everything when you're using composite controls - postback data is loaded before render (means that control selections won't be kept), viewstate is saved before Render - means that you'd need to databind on every request.  

Instead if the code relies on databinding, you should a) instantiate the controls in CreateChildControls and add to Controls collection and maybe b) override DataBind method and databind the controls (instantiated in CreateChildControls) there...this would mean that the logic using your control would need to call DataBind(). Anyways, do you implement databinding this way is secondary...point is that a control should create it's direct, preknown, child controls in CreateChildControls

And seems you now have duplicate code to create the controls? By triggering their creation in CreateChildControls, you don't need anything else thatn to call ensureChildControls, say ion OnLoad, and the controls are always there (although EnsureChildCOntrols should be automatically called at PreRender stage)

So, give me a two or three samples of the every type of real data coming to ddls (list if countries etc), I'll post a working sample with them.


Teemu Keiski
Finland, EU
2/15/2008 5:42:30 PM

I'm not sure why you are recreating the controls in  Protected Overrides Sub Render(ByVal writer As System.Web.UI.HtmlTextWriter). You shouldn't have to do that. Just include the EnsureChildControls() call before you call RenderChildren in that method should do it.

I've been building a bunch of composite controls at work, so I can share my experience. I create the controls inside of the Create Child Controls and then bind the drop down lists in the PreRender event inside of not page.ispostback. Then, in the slected index change event of the control that you change the value, you should have access to the ddl.selecteditem.value since the viewstate has now been loaded. You will then need to rebind the drop down lists that are dependant on this new value. Since I havean object that gets passing in the constructor, I update the object with all the values from viewstate before rebinding. Not sure if this is the best way to do it, but it's been working for me. 

Since you don't include any databinding code, the problem might be in there. Did you step through and check that the right values are being passed in?

2/15/2008 7:57:05 PM

Since your last answer, I made lots of controls, and following your advise, every single one, works fine. Except... the one above. I left it aside, in order to clear my mind since I had many other things to do, and now the time has come to complete it.

However, I removed the code from PreRender event, and also removed completely the AddControls sub. The problem I am experiencing is, that, since I cannot control the Page.IsPostback (I always have a post back event, even the 1st time visiting), I have to bind the data to Countries, every time in CreateChildControls. After that, it fires the SelectedIndexChanged event, thus NOT firing that event for the Cities dropdownlist.

How can I control, not to fire the event? I tried to remove the handler before the .DataBound() command, however it did not work. 


 @adyle: I tried to bind the data on PreRender, however it also looses the Country then.

"I know one thing, I know nothing" - Socrates 469bC - 399bC
2/26/2008 11:01:00 AM

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