ViewState Remains as it is even if I explicitly false it in my textbox.

Hi All,

I have a simple form in C# (ASP.NET 2.0) web application and on that I have taken one textbox and a button.
<asp:TextBox ID="txttest" runat="server" EnableViewState="false"></asp:TextBox>
<asp:Button ID="btntest" runat="server" Text="Test" />

Now execute this page and write anything in text box say "Hello" and click on a button.
Here I have written EnableViewState="False" then also when I click on button, it refreshes the page and re-filling "Hello" in that textbox.
If we see practically it should not be filled because viewstate is not maintained in this case.

Is anybody have any idea why this is happening ?
Also if this is the case then what do I do to remove this value while postback.

Thanks in Advance.


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Virendra (MCTS)

My SiteBlog
6/16/2008 8:10:24 AM

 Hi Virendra,

Thanks very much for your reply.
I know that this is happening but I don't want it to maintain means I want it to be removed when click on Button.
Please suggest if you have any idea about to do this.



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6/16/2008 9:30:11 AM

You explicitly need to clear the value on button click.

TextBox1.Text = String.Empty; 

You can do thru java script also.

In Java script..
document.getElementByID('textbox1').value = '';

Virendra (MCTS)

My SiteBlog
6/16/2008 9:47:52 AM

If we see practically it should not be filled because viewstate is not maintained in this case.

hello,mit_ce. you should understand the resaon why the textbox's text is refilled. Its being refilled has no relationship with the value of EnableViewState, that means it is not the textbox's view state that refills the text property. Why?

textbox's text property value is a kind of post data(data entered by user), so it is of course sent to the web server everytime postback occurs. So, generally, the web server doesn't have to remember textbox's text property's value.

What really matters most is the chance to communicate with you, my friends, rather than marking my post as answer, though I would be really appreciated if you do so.
6/19/2008 4:15:17 AM

There are two different statecontrols in ASP .NET 2.0

1) Viewstate

2) ControlState

Viewstate is optional and often contains the state of the control. Whilst controlstate is always on (except explicitly turned off) and contains information about the control that is critical for its use. Now, some controls store their value inside the controlstate. Which means that what you type inside the textbox, will be there after the postback even if viewstate is turned off. You should lookup the controls in msdn library to check if it stores information inside controlstate or viewstate.


6/19/2008 10:26:36 AM

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