Viewstate : Comparing a controls previous value to it's new value

I'd like to compare the original values of a pages web controls to their new values upon postback.

The problem is I can't seem to get any values from viewstate.

for example some psudocode;

sub pageinit()

myVar = cint(viewstate("dropdownListcontrolID"))
myvar2 = cint(viewstate("textBoxControLID"))

end sub

This doesn't error out, but all values = 1, which cannot be the case. I must be missing something. Viewstate seems like the most logical place to look for the controls previous values. Or do you recommend I do it a different way? thanks rc
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Not familiar with VB, but if you're trying to access viewstate in Page_Init it won't work because loading of viewstate occurs after the init event.  You can try perhaps in Page_Load instead.

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In OnInit event the ViewState is not available because the LoadViewState occurs after the page's Init event. Refer Page lifecycle

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