State management upon session variable changes

I noticed that whenever a session variable is changed...the application knows about it and suddenly restarts session.

My question is does restart "ALL" sessions or only the active sessions for which the variables changed?

Imagine a "multi-user" application all with different states and an administration panel that lets you change session variables.  In this case, my question has to do with the question that if Company X changes his session variables, will only Company X's sessions be reset or will all "sessions" be reset?  Hope that makes sense.

 Thanks in advance.


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One more thing to clarify this.  The session variables would be dynamically loaded.  ie, Company X sets one set of Session variables whereas Company Y has a different set of values for the same "named" session varables.

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HI, Mile:

What do you mean 'suddenly restarts session'? As far as i know, if you modify somthing in the source file or config file, it will cause a application recycle and the session variables will lose. I am not sure that changing the session variable will restart the session instance for the user. Maybe i have some mistakes in my understanding. Would you please clarify more about your question, thanks.

Best Regards,
Rex Lin
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