session variable gets lost

Hi! I have a session variable, and I set the Session.timeout=120; but after a while (not even 30 mins )it got lost and had errors cause of that in the app_code, where I have a function that takes as parameter the session variable value. Thank for any advice.

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Firstly make sure you are never overwriting the session variable.

Another thing would be if the web server is low on resources it may drop some session items. 

2/4/2008 9:25:56 PM

Make sure in the web.config file the session timeout is set properly

     <sessionState timeout="120"/>

Check below link for more info


Haissam Abdul Malak
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2/4/2008 9:29:22 PM

Hi! I put this in the web config:





sqlConnectionString="data source=;Integrated Security=SSPI"










Now, if I set the timeout= "1" the session ends after 1 min, but if I set the timeout= 60 it ends at 20 mins. It seems like if I set the timeout less than 20 min it works, but If I set it to more than 20 mins it doesnt work. Any help appreciated.

2/6/2008 12:10:28 AM

I just tested the session timing again and it exipred after 10 mins, maybe less, but When I checked after 10 min it was gone.

2/6/2008 12:17:03 AM

in this situation where  you needs to store many values ,and each one has different period to stay in memory

you need to  use the cache instead ,

by using cache, you can specify the  period of time that the value must stay in there before destroyed,

the following link will be helpful for you:

 Hope it helps


Anas Ghanem.

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