Response.Redirect with Session Variable vs. Global Variable -- Best Practices?


I have a simple contact form and when the user presses the submit button an email is sent and  I have a response.redirect to "emailSent.aspx" where it says "Your request has been received....etc.".  I have the submit button in a try/catch block.  What I want to do is a "emailFailed.aspx" where it says "Email problem, etc." but I also want to carry over the ex.message text.

 I want to pass the ex.error text to the "emailFailed.aspx" page so on pageLoad I can have a label with something like:

labelMessage.Text = "There was a problem with your email.  The error is " + ex.message;

I was thinking of storing the ex.message as a string -- but then I didn't know whether to put in a global varialbe or a session variable so I can easily pass it to the "emailFailed.aspx" page.

Thanks in advance! 


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Actually I would use Server.Transfer instead of Response.Redirect so you still have access to the label
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try this

            'your code goes here 
            Response.Redirect("emailSent.aspx", True)
        Catch ex As Exception
          'erro happened
            Session("ex") = ex
            Response.Redirect("emailFailed.aspx", True)
        End Try

and in the emailFailed.aspx page_Load function

write this:

dim ex as exception=session("ex")
if not  ex is nothing
labelMessage.Text = "There was a problem with your email.  The error is " + ex.message;
end if


Anas Ghanem.

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