problem in Cross-Page Posting in ASP.NET Web Pages

i have a link button in a page . i want to use that link button in another page i have writen like this:-

LinkButton lnk = (LinkButton)PreviousPage.FindControl("Linkbutton1");

if (lnk.Text == "Log out")










but i am getting the error like

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

can any body tell me what is going wrong.plz help me..and give me a solution..

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Here I have explained with 2 scenarios.

1. The FindControl method finds controls in the current naming container. If the control you are looking for is inside another control (typically, inside a template), you must first get a reference to the container and then search the container to find the control you want to get.

2. May be you reached the target page via redirect or transfer method. Before accessing "PreviousPage", plz validate by the following code

if(PreviousPage != null)
    if(PreviousPage.IsCrossPagePostBack == true)

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