My session variables get cleared session is alive when code is changed in the class files.

Dear Friends,

I am working on visual studio 2005. I have written some forms which are using some classes. I keep on making changes in form code. Session variables retain their values. But when a minor change is done in the class file, session variables are cleared of where as the session is alive.

Please help me in troubleshooting this.

Thanks in advance.

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You are saying right. Store static values during development like



 check some articles 




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.NET Web Developer
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I have written some forms which are using some classes. I keep on making changes in form code. Session variables retain their values. But when a minor change is done in the class file, session variables are cleared of where as the session is alive.

Hi Fazal,

Based on my understanding, you can modidy the web page’s code behind without losing session. However, if you change the codes in a separate class file, all the session objects are lost. If I have misunderstood anything, please let me know.

For this scenario, I would like to say it is the by design behavior. It is because modifying the class file will cause the application domain to recycle. However, ASP.NET will recompile the modified web page without recycling the application domain until 15 times (default value). It is the application domain’s recylce causes the session lost issue. For your reference, you can sess other conditions that can cause application domain to recycle.

ASP.NET Case Study: Lost session variables and appdomain recycles

To persist session even ASP.NET process or applicatoin domain recycles, you may consider using “StateServer” or “SQLServer” session state mode to store session objects; then the application domain recycle will not result in session lost. For more information about session state mode, please refer to the following link:

Session-State Modes


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 Hi Benson,

Thanks a Lot for your Answer.

Best Regards,


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