how to use state server to manage sessions

How does one use the state server? 

Can anyone explain the process how the state server is used or give me some links to which I can refer to, which will explain the same?
Basically, we have a web farm environment and we need to persist data across the web farm, for which we intend to use the state server
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on the server where State Server will be running, on Services just start the "ASP.NET State Service" service. Then on web.config <sessionState> element in web apps change the mode attribute to "StateServer" and check that stateConnectionString attribute matches the machine you store the state to. These settings should ba applied to all machines using the common session storage, naturally.
More information:
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An Article at
The usage of the session itself does not vary, you use it as before. Just note that on out of process modes (StateServer SqlServer) Session_End event will not be fired.


Teemu Keiski
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1/31/2004 8:51:36 AM

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