Use VWD with SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services??

When Reporting Services for SQL Server 2000 was released, it was stated that VS.Net or VB.Net had to be used as the front end for the report designer.

Can VWD 2005 Express now be used as a front end for Reporting Services for SQL Server 2000, or must one use VB 2005 Express be used, or must one install a copy of VS.Net or VB.Net??

This would be against a production SQL Server 2000 box, so only the Reporting Services would be installed on that server, the designer tool would be installed on a workstation.

Thank you, Tom
1/26/2006 11:08:30 PM 4514 articles. 1 followers. Follow

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Just to expand on your question Tom, can VS 2005 pro be used to create reporting services reports in SQL Server 2000?

I dont see any BI project templates in VS.

2/10/2006 11:05:44 AM

Short answer: No.

Long answer: You have to use VS 1.1 (2003) to author SRS 2000 reports. You can NOT use VWD Express or Pro (a la 2.0) to author SRS 2000 reports. Additionally - to author SSRS 2005 reports, you can use the report designer included with SSRS (there was nothing included with SRS 2000), OR you can use VS.NET 2.0 (2005), however you can NOT use 1.1 to author.

I remember reading something about converting up from 1.1 reports to 2.0, but it eludes me now....

"Ancora Imparo...."

2/15/2006 10:50:02 PM
Can you install SRS 2005 on SQL Server 2000 ? or does it even matter ? Im new to SRS and trying to figure out what version I need for an ASP.NET 2.0 web app that uses SQL Server 2000 as the backend.
2/24/2006 5:52:53 PM

As I understand it (always a scary thought) - you can NOT install SSRS 2005 on SQL 2000 - besides it being a license violation, I think read somewhere that it just won't work.

Insofar as your question - if you have ASP.NET 2.0 that uses SQL Server 2000 - then you must use SRS 2000, and author your reports using VS.NET 2003 (or upgrade your SQL to 2005).

BTW - I would love a correction (if necessary) if anyone knows better.

2/24/2006 10:11:00 PM