Use Reporting Services 2005 with SQL Server 2000


I have a fully licensed version of SQL Server 2000 and VS 2003.  Can I obtain a copy of Reporting Services 2005 and use 2000 as my database?  If so how do I obtain a copy of Reporting Services 2005?



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I have tried to do this multiple times and I could be missing something - but I have had no success to date!

One interesting thing I have noticed is that when I elect to open a reporting services report within Visual Studio I am asked if I want to CONVERT to Business Intelligence 2005 and if I

Say Yes -

I cannot use the report services report within reporting services 2000

Say No

The application does not get converted and I cannot do anything with the reporting services report

This seems to be apparent in the June CTP release of SQL 2005

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You'd have to install a version of SQL 2005 to have Reporting Services 2005.

Another option is to use client side report definitions in VS2005 to report against the data in SQL 2000:

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