SQL Server 2000 Field Expression Error


I have a field on my SRS report that I prompt the user for a numeric value.
I need to have the text name of the region appear on the report.

How do I group this IIF statement to get it to work

IIF (Fields!new_Region.Value=1, "West",    "")
IIF (Fields!new_Region.Value=2, "Central", "")
IIF (Fields!new_Region.Value=3, "East",     "")
IIF (Fields!new_Region.Value=4, "Atlantic", "") 



Kathy M
2/7/2008 10:57:43 PM
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You need to nest the IIf stmts:

IIF (Fields!new_Region.Value=1, "West", IIF (Fields!new_Region.Value=2, "Central", IIF (Fields!new_Region.Value=3, "East", "Atlantic")))

- Corwin
(My Blog - www.ballhead.com/corwin)
2/8/2008 12:40:15 PM

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