Reporting Services 2000, VS2005 and SQL Server 2000

I am running MS SQL 2000 and VS .Net 2005. 


Is it possible to run Microsoft Reporting Services 2000 with VS2005 or am I required to upgrade the SQL server and reporting services to 2005 just to produce a few WEB reports ?   This would be too costly both in money and time.


I have just finished developing a solution using the version of Crystal Reports which is built into VS 2005.  However I now believe that I require costly licenses to deploy the solution on the live WEB server.  Can anyone confirm this assumption (in simple terms). 


There really does to be a lack of a descent, reasonable cost, solution for generating WEB reports against an MS SQL 2000 database whilst using the VS 2005 development environment.  Maybe I am wrong ?


Any suggestions would be appreciated.





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Please help ...

In simple terms,  I have VS2005 and am limited to MSSQL 2000 and want to generate some WEB reports.  Can I use Reporting Services 2000 services to do this ?

Upgrading to SQL 2005 is NOT an option and I have a large WEB project built using VS2005 (VB). 

This now all seems to be so difficult. Any help would be appreciated.




5/1/2006 9:25:34 PM

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