Report viewer "Report is being generated"


I am having a problem with Report Viewer.  It works as expected when there is no security in effect as per the below extract from the web config:


  <allow users="*"/>


But when the following is implemented the report viewer control does not get past the "Report is being generated" message.


  <deny users="*"/>

  <allow users="Administrators"/>


Any help greatly appreciated.



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Hi Karen,

Since you have allowed only Administrators, what is the account you use to login when you were trying to view the Report.  This definitely seems to be an authentication issue.

Write back so that we can figure out.


1/14/2008 6:14:35 AM

Thanks Harish.

However I do not think it is an authentication issue because the page itself is being displayed fine.

Do you have any other ideas? 



1/14/2008 9:07:22 PM

Further to this post, I have changed the authorization to the below (i.e. deny from all to anonymous) and the report viewer works correctly.  Although this is not an adequate solution regarding the security in my case it is progress.

Can anyone explain this further?




<deny users="?"/>

<allow users="Administrators"/>


1/14/2008 9:49:14 PM

 I am running into the same issue.  I believe it is caused by the ReportViewer control rendering the report in an IFrame.  When this happens, the application thinks the user does not have the rights to see the source page generated for this IFrame, so it never loads.  Unfortunately, I have only found (what I believe to be) the cause and as of now I still have no solution.

7/10/2008 6:43:44 PM

I believe what you are doing is right. You have to understand the Deny and Allow tags and how "*" and "?" work. As a rule of thumb, <deny users="*"/> will ignore any statment after it.

<deny users="*"/> => Deny all users

<deny users="?"/> => Deny all unauthenticated users.

Let Me Google That For You!
7/10/2008 6:55:00 PM

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