Report Viewer Fails to reload report?

Hello everyone,

    I have run into a unique problem with the Report Viewer that I can not seem to solve.  Originally I had created a series of WebForms and placed the ReportViewer Control there.  This worked fine and I was able to change report parameters, update the report, etc without a problem.

Well the requirement changed and I had to move the ReportViewer from a webform to a UserControl so that it could function inside the Kentico CMS but I had to make an adjustment and add the ReportViewer control at run time as opposed to design time because the CMS, apparently, tried to access the ClientID of the ReportViewer prior to OnInit.

So I did all of this and got the ReportViewer running, was loading reports, etc.

When the page that hosts my user control first loads I can load any report into the ReportViewer without a problem however, if I try to change the parameters or load a different report the ReportViewer maintains the values from the initial report.    

private SomeMethod() 
      ReportDataSource ds = new ReportDataSource("datasource", );
            ReportParameter[] p = new ReportParameter[2];
            p.SetValue(new Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms.ReportParameter("low", ), 0);
            p.SetValue(new Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms.ReportParameter("high", ), 1);
            pnlReport.Controls.Add(ReportingUtilities.GenerateReportControlWithDataSet(ds, @"Report.rdlc", p));
    public static ReportViewer GenerateReportControlWithDataSet(ReportDataSource ds, string ReportPath, ReportParameter[] parameters)
        ReportViewer report = new ReportViewer();
        report.ProcessingMode = ProcessingMode.Local;
        report.ID = "Report";
        report.Width = Unit.Pixel(700);
        report.Height = Unit.Pixel(400);
        report.LocalReport.ReportPath = ReportPath;
        if (parameters != null) report.LocalReport.SetParameters(parameters);
        report.DocumentMapCollapsed = true;
        return report;


I have gone so far as to do pnlReport.Controls.Clear() which has no effect.

Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas?

Hope that helped.

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Truly I hate hacks to get things to work but after giving Google one hell of a beating I still could not come up with the "correct" way to resolve this problem ultimately I settled on this hack:


<asp:Panel ID="pnlReport" runat="server" />
<asp:Panel ID="pnlReportAlt" runat="server" Visible="False" />
private Panel TogglePanels()
       pnlReport.Visible = false;
       pnlReportAlt.Visible = true;
       return pnlReportAlt;
       pnlReport.Visible = true;
       pnlReportAlt.Visible = false;
       return pnlReport;
TogglePanels().Controls.Add(ReportingUtilities.GenerateReportControlWithDataSet(ds, @"Report.rdlc", p));


Hope that helped.

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1/12/2008 3:49:18 AM

I developed a report in and used chart control to display bar diagrams based on the result of storedprocedure. I binded this report to the reportviewer control dynamically. But if there is only one or two rows the single bar occupies the complete report. however, I want in a such way where if there is only one bar to display then it should display and the others should only display the y-axis titles with no bars. But in my case only one y-axis title with one bar occupies entire report. Here is the data:

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1 0 0 App1  ----- data

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8/9/2008 5:19:22 PM

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