Issues in using reporting services we are using vs2005 and adding reports "*.rdlc", and are facing with follwoing issues

1:-There is one Main report having 2 subreports in it, each sub reoprt
has it own header and footer but when its called from Master report,
the header and footer 
of the sub report doesnt show on the Master report, how to make them visible.

2:-If we need to add some customize code for the report, we used the CustomCode tab that appear when Properties link of that report is clicked,
how can we acess the items on the report under that code ???like if the report has the subreports, tables and want to acess their visibility is there any way.??

3:-How can we check in the cutomcode of the main report that which subreport is being runned, is there any property through which subreport name can be acessed.??

4:-I want my report to cover the whole internet explorer window, but it doesnt cover that all, it just being shown on certain part, altgough i tried to make that 100%.
is there any way???

5:-I want to hide some items of the report on runtime, is there any way that report items can be acessed through code ??

6:-As in CrystalReport we had sections that can be acessed through code and we can do any thing at run time is there anyway to do same here??

7:-how can we bind the parameter to the report, we have to do it through code ?? i mean to take the parameter as input we have to add the separate input page?

8:-The report only have the PageHeader,Page Body and Page Footer, dont we have the summary header summary footer, report header etc ??

9:-how can i control that certain par of report should appear on First page only and certain part of the report on last page only is there any way ??

10:-Is there any way we can control the number of records showed per page??

11:-we add the text box that contains the text, there are multiple lines, but when showed on the report all the text comes together,
what should be insert in a text box to indicate when text should coem on next line??

12:-There is a properrty called AsyncRendering we keep it true it gives improper page size but the Navigation appears right, but when we set it false Page was apearing on full screen but navigation was not happening properly can you please tell us that how to perform navigation in case of multiple pages.??

I will wait for these replies, as its really urgent we have numebr of reports having these problems,
Kamran Shahid
Sr. Software Engineer
Netprosys Inc.

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8/25/2006 9:33:25 AM
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