How to use report generated by sql server 2005 reporting services in web application

Dear All,

I am making web application using C#(Visual Studio2005). And Sql server 2005 as a back End 

I now want to generate report using through sql server reporting services.

Please give me some useful link so that I can able to use report generated by sql server 2005 through my web application




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Hi,   Can we design SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Reports in VS.NET 2005 web applications. If so how they can be designed. Plz help me if any one know the solution. Thanx in advance, Vidya     Are you asking if you can use VS.Net 2005 to design reports, yes, both client and server reports are built using VS.Net. If you are asking if you can use a web application to build a report, well yes you could, but you would have you design it.  All sql server reports are is an xml file, so if you can build a front end that will generate the xml in the proper ...

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Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services allows you to export native Excel reports in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services. Unlike the built-in renderer for Excel based reports, Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services provides an extended feature set and allows RDL reports to be converted to: Excel 97-2003 binary XLS format, SpreadsheetML or the Excel2007 XLSX format.  ...

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Hello Everyone,I have created a generic module using ASP.NET 2.0, MS SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services. This module is intended to provide a generic user interface for selecting and generating reports. You can configure its respective table for your fixed or flexible parameters for each report. It also supports end user access level security for each report and report group which is generally required for any basic reporting module.You can view reports in two different styles:-- Drop down--Tree View And You can view your report in 3 supported formats.  This is an in...

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Aspose.Slides for Reporting Services is a rendering extension for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services (x86 and x64) to generate reports in Microsoft PowerPoint PPT and PPS formats. All RDL report features including tables, matrices, charts and images are converted with the highest degree of precision to PowerPoint presentations or slide shows.  ...

Is it possible to generate the columns dynamically using SQL SERVER Reporting Services 2005
Hi all, In my report no of columns and column names is not fixed, Is it posssible to generate the columnss dynamically? I have taken care of the query, I wrote a procedure that generates a select statement dynamically depending on a condition.. But how to do the front ent part? Thanks in advance     Yes, this may help you... M Rodriguez, MCSDHelp me reach the next level, mark my post as the answer if it helped you reach a solutionTambién te puedo ayudar en español Than...

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Good day everyone,Here is my scenario. I'm always in the position where i create a report for the administration and the request 3 different more or ask for 10 modifications that differ from the original specs. SO, i was wondering, is there any tool i can use to allow my users to create their own report. The idea is that they would select the fields they want, specify order etc. All this in a GUI that is some kind of user friendly. Thanks for your help, Don't forget to click "Mark as Answer" on the post that helped you. this is worth a look -

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Due to its flexible design, Neodynamic Barcode Professional for Reporting Services allows you to show barcode images in Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services reports. You can use all Barcode Symbologies Linear & 2D built-in Barcode Professional.In this Step By Step Guide you'll learn how to create a Reporting Services report which shows barcode images into it using Barcode Professional and Visual Studio .NET 2003. In this sample we'll create a Reporting Services report to create fictitious access cards for Northwind's employees getting them from Microsoft's Northwind database samp...

Using .Net 2.0 and System.Web.UI.WebControls.Treeview with SQL Reporting Services 2005 for navigation and display.
I spent several hours sifting through article after article about how to build tree navigations dynamically.  They assumed that the order of the data coming in was 'orderly' and that you were usually using the IE Web Control toolkit which is a .Net 1.0 package.  In our environment 2.0+, that would not work for us and we needed to ensure browser compatibility.  Thanks to a colleagues suggestion of recursion, I came up with the following code below.  It's length is due to all the detailed commenting.  Feel free to comment on it, any positives or...

how to generate report using sql server 2005 and visual studio 2005
Dear All,   I am basically new as far as SQl server 2005 concern. I want to try out reporting services provided by sql server 2005. That is make report using sql server 2005 and call that report from web or window application.   Please guide me in doing so or give me some useful link. Thanks       here is some nice vedios to get stated with ssrs enjoyanibri fouadMorocco in love with dotNet...

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Hi, Iam new 2 sql server 2005 reporting services, I created a report server project with few reports and deployed in reportserver. Everything is working fine but i want to integrate these reports to my 2005 web appliction. Through the interface i have to pass the perameters to my reports. Iam looking for help thxs in advance PradeepPradeep Reddy Take a look over here for a working example :   HTH,Suprotim Agarwal ----- Grid With Excel Capabilities | 27 GridView Tips & Tricks |...

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