Displaying blanks instead of '0' or '0.0' values

What sort of formating can I use (if any) to display values that come in as "0" or "0.00" as just blanks (or, even better, a particular value of my choosing, such as "-") in a report? To note, the record values come back from the stored procedure as "0" or "0.0," as examples. Is there a formatting method or format string that can blank these out, or will I need to do some sort of conditional checking to see if a value is 0, and, if it is, choose to not display it?

Feedback appreciated. Thanks.

5/29/2008 8:30:11 PM
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=iif(Fields!EmployeeID.Value = 0 OR Fields!EmployeeID.Value = 0.0,"-",Fields!EmployeeID.Value)

Try this one, it will replace '-' if the employeeid is 0 Or 0.0.


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5/30/2008 5:20:20 AM

Great! I ended up using (assuming a field named "Volume"):

=iif(Fields!Volume.Value = 0, "-", FormatNumber(Fields!Volume.Value, 0))

This will display a "-" for values that equate to 0, and a formatted number (say, 45,500,000) for anything else.

I made note that even my decimal values (such as a currency value) would format to "-" if their value was 0.0, so I removed the additional OR statement.

Thanks for the help!


5/30/2008 1:24:24 PM

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