what does 'No overload for method 'Insert' takes '1' arguments' mean?

code that caused this error: line AddInBookSqlDataSource2.Insert(item);

protected void inbookButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e){




catch (Exception ex){

uploadSPoneLabel.Text = "Saved Failed: SP One" + ex.Message;


foreach (ListItem item in authorsListBox5.Items){



saveStatusLabel.Text = "Save Successful: SP Two";


catch (Exception ex1){saveStatusLabel.Text = "Save Failed: SP Two" + ex1.Message;




any help appreciated

Thanks in advance

12/10/2007 11:59:07 PM
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At a surface level, your problem is that the Insert() method of a SqlDataSource does not take any parameters - so the line: AddInBookSqlDataSource2.Insert(item); can not work.

Using your approach, you could change that line of code in your foreach loop to something like:

AddInBookSqlDataSource2.InsertParameters.Add("parameterName", item.Text);

** This assumes you have set your AddInBookSqlDataSource2.InsertCommand - and that it takes in a parameter... which i have named "parameterName", as i have no idea what you are grabbing from your ListItems and putting in the database.

You may also want to read up on using a DataSet, DataTable and DataTableAdapter - using these may provide a more robust solution to your problem.


Tony Milne is a co-founder of Inlight Media, a leading Australian web development company.
12/11/2007 1:22:57 AM

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