Using Visual Studio 2003 with sql server 2000 and planning to switch to sql server 2005

We have a project already developed iusing VS 2003 Enterprise architect edition using sql server 2000(have lots of table and stored procs etc.)
Now planning to switch to Sql server 2005 are there any issues associated with the switch.
I mean front end programming wise and front end codes do they work straight away or need to make any changes to all the front end codes, we are using datasets, data readers calling stored procs and also using lot of hash tables and XML object to make bulk loads to sql server via sqlxml3.0 sp3.
Please help thank you very much for the information.
8/24/2006 2:43:06 PM
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You can do a testing: backup the databases on SQL 2000 and then restore them on the new SQL2005. Modify connection string of the application to connect to the restored databases on the new server, there should be no problem to use the old stored procedures in SQL2005. Sorry I'm not familiar with making bulk loads to SQL via SqlXML3.0, but I can access SQL2005 via SqlXML 3.0, following the nwind example:

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8/31/2006 7:21:13 AM