Using a stored Procedure to insert a new record

ok I have a stored procedure......

I pass in the variables that are requried....What is the best way to add a record
using my stored procedure in code in a button click event......
How might i do this with a data reader,,data adapter.....OR What.......................Do I need to declare all my varaibles I am adding to this new record in the line after POSCODE or can do this without a parameter statemetn

CREATE procedure dbo.Appt_AddAppt
@ClinicID int,
@AccountNum nvarchar(10),
@DOS nvarchar(12),
@POSCODE nvarchar(5)
Insert into Clinic_Appointments (ClinicID,AcctNumber,DateOfService,PlaceOfService,PlaceOfServiceID)
Values (@ClinicID,@AccountNum,@DOS,@POSCODE,@ClinicID)

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You will need a SQLConnection object, and SQLCommand object.  Example in code:

Dim ObjCmd As SqlCommand
Dim ObjConn as New SqlConnection
ObjConn.Connectionstring = "{insert connection info herer}"
ObjCmd = New SqlCommand("Appt_AddAppt", ObjConn)
.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure
.Parameters.Add("@ClinicID", {input value})
.Parameters.Add("@AccountNum", {input value})
.Parameters.Add("@DOS", {input value})
.Parameters.Add("@POSCODE", {input value})
ObjCmd = Nothing

Above is the calling code from ASP.NET. The order of your parameters must match the order in the SP. You on need the Command object because you are not returning any data. If you were returning a result set then you would use a DataReader or DataSet.
4/7/2004 10:03:27 PM
I understand passing the basic which you answered......The question I had was my insert values...i.e my new record needs the values (ClinicID,AcctNumber,DateOfService,PlaceOfService,PlaceOfServiceID) 

Values (@ClinicID,@AccountNum,@DOS,@POSCODE,@ClinicID) ..I guess what you said will work to create a new record lets say....Clinic 45

CREATE procedure dbo.Appt_AddAppt
@ClinicID int,
@AccountNum nvarchar(10),
@DOS nvarchar(12),
@POSCODE nvarchar(5)
Insert into Clinic_Appointments (ClinicID,AcctNumber,DateOfService,PlaceOfService,PlaceOfServiceID)
Values (@ClinicID,@AccountNum,@DOS,@POSCODE,@ClinicID)

4/7/2004 11:21:29 PM
I guess I do not fully understand your question.  I think you are asking if the syntax of the SP paramaters are correct?  The INSERT values are correct for the SP.  I hope this helps

4/8/2004 1:10:21 AM
heres an article on HOW TO: Call SQL Server Stored Procedures in ASP.NET by Using Visual Basic .NET @ MSDN 

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