User and User Profile Storage

How would you handle these situations?

1st Situation
Storing user and user's profile information in the database. I have two ideas to handle this.
#1) Store all the users information in one table
#2) Store only the information needed to login the user in the user table, and have a userProfile table to store the rest of the user's profile information.
#1) Easy to build queries for, but will cause more overhead when the user is simply logging in. However, it will cause a lower overhead when looking up a user's profile information, as there will be no need to do table joins.
#2) Harder to make queries for, but will cause low overhead when users are logging in. However, it will cause a bit more overhead when looking up user profile information, as there will need to be table joins.
2nd Situation
How to design the table to hold the profile information, again two ideas.
#1) Design columns for every value
#2) Design a Key/Value pair system
#1) Easy to build queries for, but user profile information is limited to exactly what the table was designed to hold. It also takes less space in the database than #2.
#2) Harder to build queries for, and requires more BLL/DAL work on the application code side. It will also take more space in the databse. However, it allows maximum flexibility to allow users to add their own unique fields to their profile.
I know these are design decisions, at at one point it will be up to the requirements of the app using the database, I'm just curious how other do these things, and why they do them the way they do. If you know a better way, please don't hesitate to post it.
Any insight is much appreciated.
Thanks in advance!
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