Updating tables in sequence with primary key and foreign key relations

Hi all,

       In my project i will have the  data in a collection of objects, I need to update series of tables with foreign key relations

       Right now my code looks like this

       foreach(object obj in Objects){

       int accountId=Account.Insert(obj.accountOpenDate,obj.accountName);//this will update the accounts table and returns account id which is a Identity column in Acccounts table

       int DebtId=Debt.Insert(accountd,obj.debtamount,obj.debtbalance); this will update the Debts table and returns DebtId

       ///series of tables like above but all the relevant data comes from obj and in the Insert Methods i am using stored procedures to Insert the data into table


      The no of objects varies from 1000 to 1 milliion,, with this approach its taking more time to update all the data. Please let me know if any alternative procedure to handle this kind of scenario.





2/7/2007 9:23:47 PM
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Generally, when you are trying to insert into a set of database table that has foreign key constraints, you have to

1. Insert into parent table.
2. Insert into child table.

As far as I can se, there is no better way than doing this. If you can put the SQL statements together and use multiple SQL statement execution, this might save you a lot of roundtrips.


Kevin Yu
Microsoft Online Community Support

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2/9/2007 4:17:07 AM
Hi Kevin Thanks for your reply.
2/9/2007 7:57:51 PM

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