updating Sql database from linked Access database

I got thrown into a new project that is going to require me to update an SQL server database tables from an Access table on the backend of an Oracle database on another server. At the end of each day the Access dabase will be updated from the Oracle database.

What I need to do, is when the Access database is updated I need to have the table in the SQL database automaticaly updated. When a new record is added to the Access table I need the new record added to the SQL table. When a record is deleted in the Access table I need to keep that record in the SQL table and set a field to a value (such as 0). And when a record is updated in Access, have it updated in SQL.
Needless to say this is a bit out of my area and not sure how to accomplish this.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
7/1/2004 12:21:02 PM
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I'm assuming you're not familar with the pro's and con's of each database.

Your best bet is to bypass access as the middleman since it's the slowest of databases. Utilize DTS transfers to replicate the data from Oracle to SQL Server, and from SQL Server dump the data into access. Otherwise, you're just like the ad where there's a tricycle rear, and a funny car's front end.
I don't care what you want to do, or how you want it done with what you wrote above because it just doesn't seem like a reasonable approach. I can see nothing but hours wasted, and if that access database becomes too large, it'll be very clumsy.
Kay Lee
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7/1/2004 6:09:32 PM
Im familiar with the pros and cons of the two database types.

I can probably get direct access to the Oracle database, not sure yet. The guy i talked to here about it said they would likely setup an Access database on the backend for me to access. The Oracle database is off site.
What im needing to do is get the SQL database tables to update themselves whenever the Access database gets the information pushed to it from the Oracle database. Or if i can get direct access to the Oracle, to get the SQL tables to update when changes are made to the Oracle. I assume you have triggers set up on the Oracle like in SQL, not sure. Im not familiar enough with SQL server to know where to begin. Any resources you can point me to would be appreciated.
7/12/2004 7:14:23 PM

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