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I have a id field in sql database which is of data type varchar. I want to update multiple records in this table at once or in one query. Here is the code

sqlBuilder.Append("Update Students set EventDate='2004/12/24' ")
sqlBuilder.Append("Where ID IN (@StudIDs)")
cmdStudent= New SqlCommand
cmdStudent.Connection = connDB
cmdStudent.CommandType = CommandType.Text
cmdStudent.CommandText = sqlBuilder.ToString()
cmdStudent.Parameters.Add("@StudIDs", SqlDbType.VarChar, 1000).Value = strStudentIDs

The value of strStudentIDs is "A2227,B5629".
Its working fine if I am pasing only one id but its not updating the table if I am passing more that one IDs and I am not getting any error message. Then I tried to get it working by passing the strings with single quotes as:
The value of strStudentIDs is "'A2227','B5629'".
Still it did not work.
I got this to work by using Dynamic SQL but I want to do it with string builder instead.

How can I solve this problem?
11/23/2004 5:51:02 PM
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if your student id's are in a string[] array you might be able to...
string[] StudentIds = new string[10];

SqlParameter[] SqlParams = new SqlParameter[StudentIds.Length];

sqlBuilder.Append("Where ID IN (");
for (int i = 0; i <= (StudentIds.Length - 1); i++)
SqlParams[0] = new SqlParameter("@p" + i.ToString(), SqlDbType.VarChar);
SqlParams.Value = StudentIds[i];
sqlBuilder.Append("@p" + i.ToString() + ",");

Not tested... There might be a better way.

11/24/2004 12:53:16 AM
Perhaps the following method will help.

11/24/2004 3:29:57 AM
Thanks ehorn, this is useful for int values, I need to pass string values.

11/24/2004 6:49:43 PM
Just adjust the udf to accomodate stings:

create Function dbo.CsvToChar ( @Array varchar(1000))
returns @IntTable table
(CharValue varchar(20))
declare @separator char(1)
set @separator = ','
declare @separator_position int
declare @array_value varchar(1000)

set @array = @array + ','

while patindex('%,%' , @array) <> 0

select @separator_position = patindex('%,%' , @array)
select @array_value = left(@array, @separator_position - 1)

Insert @IntTable
Values (@array_value)
select @array = stuff(@array, 1, @separator_position, '')
Select *
from dbo.CsvToChar('A2227,B5629')
11/24/2004 7:46:18 PM

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