T-Sql insert from table to table

Ok, need a little input on how to aproach this problem.

Transfering data from one table to another.

The first statement was easy...

      FROM someTable

But now, need to get the rest of the data - row by row.

Selecting table columns:

userID, objID0, objID1, objID2........ objID19 Also status 0 - 19, max 0 - 19

Inserting table columns......

userID, objID, courseID = "something not in selecting table",  status, max

As you can see I am improving the database. (not my creation  )

So, the selecting table row (0) needs to be read 19 times (?) and the inserting table will have 19 inserts or 19 new rows.

If anyone needs more info, please ask.

And anyone can point me to a sample that this can be done, I would appreciate it.


9/8/2005 3:12:14 PM
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Ok, I have come up with something I can do with code behind, but this is for T-sql.

So, I need correcting on the syntax here....

FOR(int i = 0; i <= 19; i++){
INSERT INTO objScores (studentId, objId, objStatus, objScoreRaw, objScoreMin,
   objScoreMax, courseId)
     SELECT studentId, objId + i , objStatus + i, objScoreRaw + i, objScoreMin + i,
    objScoreMax + i, "101"
      FROM cmiDataModel   

I can do this if I rewrite the statement 19 times, but no way, never going there again!
But you can see what I am trying to achieve here.

So, a little input?


9/8/2005 3:51:37 PM
How many records are in your table?

Is this a once-and-done effort?  Honestly, if the record count is relatively low, the simplest soluton is a simple copy-and-paste of the INSERT statement, 18 times, winding up with 19 statements, and adjusting field names as needed.  There'd be very little debugging required.

If there are a lot of records (i.e. millions), there are a few solutions.  One would be looping through a cursor, then looping 19 times, building a dynamic SQL statement for each INSERT, and executing each one.  A similar approach would be the use of a #temp table instead of a cursor, selecting the top record out of it.

Terri Morton
Engagement Manager, Neudesic

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9/9/2005 1:56:13 AM
Actually, since it is only going to be run once, I did repeate it.  Didn't like doing it that way, but no time to get it right.
But, should be done with a while statement.


9/9/2005 2:25:53 PM


You werent far off with your script code. You can pretty much do the same thing in SQL

declare @i int,
 @sql varchar(2000)

set @i = 0

while @i <= 19
  set @sql = 'INSERT INTO objScores (studentId, objId, objStatus, objScoreRaw, objScoreMin, objScoreMax, courseId)
    SELECT studentId, objId ' + cast(@i as varchar) + ', objStatus' + cast(@i as varchar) +
    ', objScoreRaw' + cast(@i as varchar) + ', objScoreMin' + cast(@i as varchar) +
    ', objScoreMax' + cast(@i as varchar) + ', "101" FROM cmiDataModel'
  set @i = @i + 1


9/9/2005 7:16:05 PM
Thanks!  Even though the script will only be run once (maybe), I just don't like repeating code when not needed.

I'll give it a try.

9/10/2005 6:21:07 PM

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