split single column into multiple column

 Hi all,

I have table with 2 columns as shown below...

id     products_list

 1    a,b,c

2     d,e,f

3     g,h,i

Now I need a query which will ouput the result as below...

id     products_list1    products_list2       products_list3

 1    a                      b                          c

 2    d                      e                          f

 3    g                      h                          i

 How to achieve this...

4/28/2009 9:44:49 AM
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You have to use the COncept of Pivot tables in mssql2005. 

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4/28/2009 10:44:37 AM

You can use functions for splitting,but I will propose you this sql without function:   

substring(products_list,1,charindex(',',products_list)-1) as products_list1,
substring( substring(products_list,charindex(',',products_list)+1,len(products_list)),1,charindex(',', substring(products_list,charindex(',',products_list)+1,len(products_list)))-1)  as products_list2,
substring( substring(products_list,charindex(',',products_list)+1,len(products_list)),charindex(',', substring(products_list,charindex(',',products_list)+1,len(products_list)))+1,len( substring(products_list,charindex(',',products_list)+1,len(products_list))))  as products_list3



Stefan Uzunov
4/28/2009 11:09:06 AM


pls check out the following code and reply me if it works.


select id, 
substring(products_list, 1, charindex(',', products_list)-1) products_list1,
substring(products_list, (charindex(',', products_list) + 1), (len(products_list)-charindex(',', reverse(products_list))-charindex(',', products_list))) products_list2,
substring(products_list, (len(products_list)-charindex(',', reverse(products_list)) + 2), len(products_list)) products_list3
from product_table
Irtizaur Rahman

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4/28/2009 11:11:48 AM

 Hey irtizaur,

ur code really works...thanks for ur reply...

have a nice day...!!!

4/28/2009 11:47:53 AM

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