Return value from Stored Procedure using ASP 3.5


     How come I always get the value of zero (0) when I try to return a value coming from SPro?


        Dim getcurrentid = _dbDataContext.getPostID(0) 'stored procedure
        Dim x As Integer = getcurrentid.ToString

@valueID int output
SELECT Top 1 @valueID = fieldID FROM Table ORDER BY fieldID DESC 


Upon executing the SPro using VS2008 SQL Expression, it does returns the value I need.




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how about change the SP

SELECT Top 1 fieldID FROM Table ORDER BY fieldID DESC 

5/5/2009 2:49:03 AM

mo meng:

how about change the SP...


You were right me mong!  And I have to change the declaration as well...Smile

        Dim getcurrentid = _dbDataContext.getPostID(0) 'stored procedure
        Dim x As Integer = getcurrentid.fieldID

SELECT Top 1 fieldID FROM Table ORDER BY fieldID DESC  




5/5/2009 5:36:39 AM

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